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Trouble with pinned taskbar icons

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We are currently migrating from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.15 cu3 on Server 2016.  We publish shared hosted desktops.  We are noticing a weird annoyance with pinned items on the taskbar.  When a users logs on sometimes their pinned taskbar items do not show.  They are there... they are just not visible.  If the user re-pins one of their applications they all show up.  If the user disconnects/reconnects or logs off/logs on they appear.  We (IT) can also restart explorer.exe which will make the pinned items show up as well.  This seems to be an odd refresh or profile load issue almost like not all the pieces (shortcuts in the profile and registry entry for pinned taskbar items) are present when explorer.exe loads???  Any one seen this before or know of a fix?

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Thank you for your response.  Can you elaborate a little more?  What and/or where specifically was the permissions issue?  Users can create folders in my profile store and I have the creator owner permission to full control so when their profile gets created their user account has full control to everything.  Otherwise SYSTEM and Administrators also has full control to everything.

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If anyone is still out there checking in on this I still haven't found a proper solution.  As a workaround I have added a registry entry into each users Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run key to run a batch file that restarts explorer.  However, this is not an ideal and rather inconvenient to my users.

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