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Windows 10 1903 and PVS

Barrie Boland


I am having a major issue with the latest version of windows 10. I have built a new vdisk with windows 10 1903 using pvs 7.15 cu4 and VDA 7.15 cu4. When the vdisk is assigned to the two test machines only 1 registers, the other one looses the trusted relationship to the domain. Sometimes both will register and sometimes none will register, there is no pattern to which one actually registers correctly as it randomly changes.


Is there something else that needs to be stripped out of this version of windows for use with PVS?



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I have reverse imaged the windows 10 1903 vdisk that had pvs 7.15 cu4 installed, uninstalled it and recreated the vdisk with pvs 7.15 cu1. The base version of the vdisk saw the domain account ok but when I created a version it fails with the trust relationship message??

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