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NetScaler MPX Suddenly Down, But Back to Normal after rebooted???

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Hi Guys..


I hope you're doing good.


Our NetScaler MPX services suddenly down at 3 am and after We checked it in the data center. On the NetScaler indicator just blank like the photo We attached.



We don't know what We can do, so We decide to hard reboot the MPX Machine. After the MPX is rebooted the service turn back to normal again. We want to know the cause of problem. So, how can we start to looking for the problem?


Is it hardware problem or firmware problem only? 


Please your advice and we really appreciated.


Note: NetScaler version is NS11.1 build 56.19nc


Thank and Regards.


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Do you know what the uptime of the MPX was before the issue?


We had a similar issue with an SDX that had an uptime of over 750 days, according to Citrix Support its best to have >365 days uptime.

After we powered the SDX back on everything was back to normal.

I'm fairly sure nothing was found in the log files to show what the actual issue was.

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I seem to recall when it happened to us there was nothing in the log files at all, they just stopped recording when the SDX hung then started again when the SDX was started again.

Log a call anyway and see if Support can find the cause.


Know what the uptime was?

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