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Two system volumes showing with elastic layering enabled

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


Recently upgraded to 1905, redeployed our master image for MCS


we now have two system drives showing.


One is the normal C: Drive / Boot Drive - which is normally hidden

then other F: Drive, which is the elastic layer drive - this drive normally is the C: Drive.


i would expect to only see a C: Drive in windows explorer which is the elastic layer writable partition.


i have no idea how this happens, i have rebooted the ELM recreated my image about 3 times.


everything is based in Azure, just wondering if anyone has seen this before.





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No just using a application layer.


image attached as that may make more sense.


normally the C: Drive is hidden in computer management and the C: Drive is the writable partition used by elastic layering.


Both my system volume and elastic layer volume at 60GB, which makes it a bit confusing.




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ok i have figured this out.


when you create the images, you can select from two azure options


they are called


Machine Creation for Azure


Both link to the exactly the same place.


i was selecting Azure, this does something different to the VM when its deployed, when it creates the VM in Azure you get a different set of questions in the Azure template, like joined to the domain etc. so no idea why i end up with two disks on that one.


im sure i have been using that one all along, the MCS one i think was added in an update.


anyway the Machine Create for Azure works fine.


bit weird, but got it working now.




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