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Rough design question

John Litster


I am still working on setting up out Citrix Virtual App/Desktop environment.  

My question is mainly about setting it up for ease of manageability.


We have several departments in the company, like all do.

Should I create a separate storefront for each department?   Then separate applications for each department with Application Groups and KEYWORDS on the Delivery Controllers?


My goal is to be able to easily add applications to those in different departments as some departments use different applications.




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There is absolutely no need for separate SF server for each dept.  
You can deploy two for redundancy purpose and that should be more than enough.

Regarding which department users see what apps and desktops, you can control that from the Delivery controller using AD group memberships as already stated.

You can refer to below article as well:


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2 hours ago, David Clark1709160691 said:

I doubt there is any need to setup separate Storefronts.  Using AD Group Memberships and Keywords should easily allow you to control who can see which applications.

Thank you for your input.    I do agree with you on your suggestion.

I was also looking for a way to have it visually look organized as well.   For the people that come after me at least.



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