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Receiver v4.9 + Storefront: any "good" client-side avenues to detect StoreFront-related actions without browser plug-in/extension?

Nathan Lee1709161029


Are there any good NON-browser-hook/plugin options to get client-side notifications of when a user takes one of a small subset of actions in a connected Citrix StoreFront we don't maintain?

Environment:  Receiver 4.9 on Win7 SP1 and Win10 1703 (soon to be 1809).  I don't currently know the back-end version of StoreFront.


I have been asked by my management team to see whether I can come up with a 'good' way to know when our users close out of the Storefront session or choose "Log Off" from that session, so that we can take an extra action or two on their behalf on their connected client?  Would it require code changes in the files backing the particular StoreFront website in order to do this?  I first tried this with a browser plug-in, which sort-of works but enough events on StoreFront pages are hidden from it that I can't make it as reliable as they'd like.


Does Receiver have any extension-points or hook capabilities I could plug into in order to know better what the user is doing with their session?  I have tried looking at the Receiver documentation, and don't see anything API or hook-related to enable notifications or visibility.  My timeframe is very short, so I thought I'd ask here.  I also tried looking up the StoreFront documentation, but Citrix takes me to an outside site that requires a login which I don't have...



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