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XenMobile MDX Policy not applying to app

Dom Dowsett




We have XenMobile version working with both MAM and MDM functionality with a NetScaler Gateway all working successfully.


I have been asked to add a third party app to XenMobile via Apple VPP and can successfully deploy this app to any Delivery Group and open it successfully.


What I'm struggling to get working is the MDX Policy for the app ,that was sent to us by the third party, to apply to the app.

The idea behind this policy is to populate the url address users will need to save them typing it out and also prefix our logon domain for the login screen etc.


I have created the MDX Policy within XenMobile using the .mdx file supplied by the third party and set the url address and login domain with our details and then added it to the same Delivery Group the VPP app is deployed in as an Optional App.


I have added a user to the Delivery Group and signed in to Sucure Hub successfully. I can see both the VPP app and the MDX Policy for the app. The app is installed, the MDX Policy is not. This is the same setup I have done for Citrix apps and their corresponding MDX Policies in the past.


When I open the app on the device I'm met with a page asking for me to enter in the url address and the box is blank, if I manually type the url and proceed the login prefix I set does not appear either.


Does anyone have any idea why the policy settings aren't applying to the app? Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,




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  I would open a support ticket with us (Citrix).  The app could not be correctly using MDX SDK.  Does the app ask to be managed?  If MDX is correctly configured, it would detect Secure Hub and ask to be managed, then flip to Secure Hub to authorize.




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Hi Alex,


Thank you for your reply.


That sounds like that may be issue, the app does not asked to be managed when opened. Could advise the best steps forward?


I'm happy to raise a support ticket if that format would be better suited.






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