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Quality of fonts degrades after some time when using Virtual Apps 7.15 CU3





Some time ago we've upgrade the citrix environment from 7.6 to 7.15 CU3.

We've used new servers (2016) and used the exact same citrix policies as we did in the older environment.

They only use published applications.

Now some end users complain that the fonts and quality of the citrix application that they are using (AX or outlook or others) degrades and is not workable.

This happens very randomly. Sometimes a few times a day, sometimes only after a few days.

In attachment I've added both screenshots. One of a good quality and one when the quality degrades.


In the Citrix Policies, the "Visual Quality" is set to "High".

This issue occurs for users inside the company as external users.

However not everyone is affected.

Only difference between old and new environment is that I've enabled HDX  Adaptive Transport to enable UDP to be used for transport.


My first thought is that the quality maybe degrades when the network quality degrades (like when streaming video's).

Anyone has an idea what could cause this or what Citrix Policy I need to use to prevent this?



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