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Secure mail of iOS - Connection Error


Hi - I have issues using the Secure mail for iOS app. We have XenMobile 10.9 HA cluster, initially deployed in ENT mode.


Secure mail for iOS including few other business apps were working fine until the installation mode got changed from ENT to MAM.

I had very few users from my own department who uses XenMobile infra and my organization wanted to extend this platform to more users, so it was not a concern to switch the modes. This is mainly due to the fact that my organization wanted to embrace more BYOD users, hence the installation mode got changed to MAM. I have downloaded the latest MDX apps from Citrix, everything else seems to be working fine, including Secure Notes and Secure Tasks, however the Secure mail for iOS stopped working. When we open the Secure mail app, we get a "Connection Error - Secure mail couldnt reach the server".


With a same setup, Secure mail for Android works fine. Please suggest if anyone else has come across this situation, would appreciate any inputs to get this checked and resolved.

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You may want to contact support.  They can walk you through the troubleshooting steps.  Some things to consider:

- Is your exchange internal?  If so, what is the network access policy set to?  Are you using background services? Make sure URLs are correct on there.  Look at the logs to see what the error is.  If Android is working, it's probably a type somewhere in the config.

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