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RPM Event 7, ICA connection denied.


  We are using Smartcard based logons, and many users have 2 cards and accounts, one standard account for local system access, one elevated account for admin access on various systems (not neccessarily admin on the Citrix servers).  Users access published apps running on VDA 7.15 on Win 2012 R2. The Reciever version varies between 4.4, 4.9, 4.12 - we see the issue happen on all three.

  Occasionally we get users that cannot open apps under the elevated account  - the session window opens, shows our logon disclaimer, then dies.   This does not  happen to many users, but when it happens to a user, it happens every time, even when using a different Storefront on a separate environment.


For example, If the user is logged onto their notebook as normal.account, and they logon to storefront as admin.account,  the ICA session dies and the system log on the application server logs an RPM Event 7," ICA Connection request denied because the current user, domain\normal.account, is not the owner of the session domain\normal.account"


   This appears to be limited to smartcard based logons - if the user has permission to use a normal username and password, we do not see this issue.  The RPM 7 event is triggered by an SID mismatch, but why is Receiver using passing in the desktop SID to connect, instead of the SID used to logon to storefront? Resetting Receiver does not help, sometime uninstalling/reinstalling Receiver fixes it, sometimes not.  The Receiver version is 4.12. 



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Did you ever find a solution to this problem?  We have a similar setup.  XD 7.15 LTSR and we also use Smart cards for accessing Storefront and the published apps.  Ever since upgrading to the latest Cumulative upgrade (CU 4) this problem has turned into a nightmare.  It seems a vast majority of users are experiencing this behavior.  After a several attempts, the user will get in, but every morning i see a plethora of Connection failures.  Most of the time I see the Event ID 7 RPM error in event viewer.  

What i noticed when the problem occurs to me is that after initial connection is made to the VDA and the user is prompted to select their cert and enter their PIN again, the CItrix receiver 'More Information' will go from "Welcome" straight to "Launching Application".  It fails to show that it is applying policies and loading in the user profile.  Once this happens, its guaranteed that the app will not launch.

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue?  Like i mentioned, it seems to have really started occurring with the CU 4 upgrade.




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