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How to turn on NetScaler Flow Logs?

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Hi Carl/Diego


Thanks for your replies.

We use Netscaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) to centrally manage the netscalers.

It manages 2 HA pairs in 2 data centers with gslb between the pairs.

We need to enable this flow logs for 1 virtual server.


Would it be best to enable it from MAS in our case?

And where in MAS can I enable it?


And are there any performance considerations (high CPU load, etc) in enabling this as our Netscalers have around 100 VIPs for load balancing traffic for various applications.

And is there any risk of filling up drive on Netscalers?

I am worried about the performance impact especially.


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to enable Flow for a vip :


the enable is vserver by vserver.


For performance impact : it's depend of your topology.

For me the main impact could be the network bandwith consume by sending the flow.

If you have a single ADM deployment far from you instance, you have to deploy agent as near as possible of the instance



and the best is to make a test with non production environment before to validated you architecture



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