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GVT-d no video output for version newer than Xenserver 7.4

Jaroslav Kral




I was using GPU passthrough of Intel iGPU from Windows 7 guest, Xenserver 6.5 to 7.1, last one working was 7.4. From that version I am not able to see video output. GPU is successfully pass through, drivers installed, however no video output. I also tested Win10 and several Linux distros guests, same issue. I prefer to stay with Xenserver, as the pci passthrough of devices works really good in comparison to KVM/ESX on whiteboxes.


Anybody who can confirm same or raise it with Citrix (and Intel GVT-d) ?




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Hello Tobias,


I have yesterday updated my BIOS to latest available (2018) , no change. iGPU is Intel HD 530. 

CPU: Intel Core i3-6100T

MB: Gigabyte H170N

I am using it as HTPC (Windows VM) (iGPU, USB and HD audio passthrough), WIFI AP on Ubuntu VM (passthrough of the Wifi m-2 adapter) and pfSense firewall vm (passthrough of one of the NICs) as WAN port.

All works quite nice, but as mentioned above, no joy on Xenserver above 7.4. Occasionally I am installing new versions with the test license  to check if it has changed, but ...

Today (21.04.2020) I checked with different HW (Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q, i7-7700T, iGPU Intel HD 630) and the issue persist - no video output. 








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New HW
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