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Double hop drive mapping shows incorrect client name on drive maps, is that normal?

Terry Rebstein


When doing a double hop scenario with users accessing a W2K16 Session host desktop, then launching a W2K16 published app from that desktop, we are finding that the drive mappings are behaving strangely. The HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\ClientDrive\NativeDriveMapping is set to FALSE (default).  The behavior we see is the client endpoint drives are mapped all the way to the published application, which is good, but it says C:\ on Server1 on the second hop despite the drives in fact being from the Client. I would expect/prefer it to say C:\ on Client within the published application.


Also I had to open map network drives for some reason to get the drives to map through the second hop despite them being identified as local drives. 


This is Xendesktop 7.1903

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The behavior you are experiencing is normal and expected.
- To map a network drive in ICA Citrix uses it as: \\client. 
-  While creating second ica session, ica uses available drives on first hop 2016 server and maps them using \\client (as if they were original drives on server1)

- And now these get reflected in second hop session as C:\ on Server1

Hope it answers your query. I was curious to know if this was causing any functional loss?



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