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Solved - Citrix StoreFront always prompt for Receiver Detection

Timothy Nelson

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Citrix StoreFront

Windows Server 2016


It would appear that once you select "Detect Receiver" or "Use light version" that selection is stored in the form of a cookie so the user is not prompted to make the selection again. Subsequent logins bypass this page all together. Clearing the browser cache will allow the prompt to come up again. I have a unique requirement in that we would like users to always be prompted to either "Detect Receiver" or select "Use light version" every time they login as seen in the screen shot. I do have a case open with support but as of now they have not come back with much of anything. Does anyone know if this is possible? 


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For anyone else looking to do something similar I did find a solution that appears to work based off of information found here: https://tech.xenit.se/choosing-html5-receiver-vs-native-receiver-dynamically-netscaler-rewrite-policies/


I modified the cookie for the client detection to set it to false each time forcing the detection screen to appear. 


add rewrite action rw_force_detect_receiver_act insert_http_header Set-Cookie "\"CtxsClientDetectionDone=false\""
add rewrite policy rw_force_detect_receiver_pol "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SERVER.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).EQ(\"YOURGATEWAYURLHERE\")" rw_force_detect_receiver_act


Bind the policy as a rewrite response to your gateway. 

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