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Storefront CU4 Upgrade at the weekend has thrown some spanners at my head

James Gant

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So I upgraded the Netscaler to and the rest of the infrastructure to 7.15ltsr CU4 at the weekend.


Externally everything works fine but internally I am getting :


Attempting to launch application gives the error message  : " Cannot start App"

Storefront Reports the following error :" An SSL Hostname is required but none was supplied "

Event Viewer on the Storefront shows:

Citrix delivery service error 29 - Failed to launch the resource 'XenApp76_Controller.LabTech Control Cen'. An SSL hostname is required, but none was supplied by the farm 'XenApp76_Controller'.


Now Internally I don't have SSL enabled on the Delivery Controller so I looked at the guide here:




But I am still none the wiser as everything checks out. I have no idea why the apps internally are trying to use SSL.


Brokerservice shows :

SDK Port: 80

VDA Port: 5000

StoreFront Port: 80

StoreFront TLS Port: 443

Log File:


Everything else looks O.K 


I can only imagine I am missing something simple here as I inherited this system and maybe a storefront setting was customised or the like.


Thanks in Advance

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So I found my answer in case anyone has the same.


There was a custom change to the ICA client configs made by the previous admin which caused it to point to the wrong place when storefront overwrote the old settings in the upgrade.

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