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WEM 1903 Fast Log Off?

Trey Wessel


Good Morning All,


What kind of luck have you had with the Fast Log off option in WEM? I deployed it in my test environment with the default recommended config and I'm not seeing much of a difference.


Curious what others are seeing and what a realistic expectation should be. The way its described, the disconnect should be instant.


Any comments would be appreciated! 


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8 hours ago, James Kindon said:

all it does is severe the connection so it looks faster to the user - doesn't actually speed anything up :)

Morning James and thanks for the response. 


I read that in some of the documentation, I have it enabled but my sessions still sit at logging off for about 7 seconds before disappearing. I would love to give my users the illusion of faster logoffs on top of the other benefits.  I have one custom config, domain users have access to pull the config, when I log in with my test app (mspaint) I see the WEM agent popup then disappear a second or two later.  I feel that everything is set up correctly but maybe I'm missing something. 


WEM 1903

PVS (refreshing the cache on machine startup \ cache installed on persistent disk)

Server 2016

XenApp 7.18


Any thoughts?

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