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Published app offset


I ran into a very strange issue. Suddenly all publiced apps in a specific delivery Group fails to start.


When trying to start "App1" I get the error "Failed to start App2".

When trying to start "App2" I get the error "Failed to start App4".



It seems like the content of the published app is beeing offset and Point to the wrong application. In studio Everything looks ok.

This is a XA 7.15 thats been working for years. 

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When you're creating applications in Studio, are you copying them?


There is an attribute on each application called the Browser Name.  It's a unique name for each application.  I don't believe this attribute is exposed in studio, but you can see it with powershell.


Add-PSSnapin citrix*

get-brokerapplication -applicationname <appname> | Select applicationname,browsername


If you duplicate an application, it will create a unique browsername.  I believe this attribute is the one that is shown when you are attempting to launch an application.


I know this doesn't explain why your launch is failing, but hopefully it'll understand why you're seeing odd application names.

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