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Deploying APPFW profile via ADM Config Job

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we use a default deny appfw profile containing some things we don't want to have, for instance no php-requests at all.


Expression for deny php is: bind appfw profile fwpr-default-deny -denyURL "i?^.*\.php.{0,1}.{0,}$" 


If i put that into an config template I cannot save that, even if I escape ? using "bind appfw profile fwpr-default-deny -denyURL "i\?^.*\.php.{0,1}.{0,}$" "


How to escape special characters in ADM config templates?




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Someone else recently asked this question on the forum (google may help you find it).  At this point in time I don't think there is a way to escape the "?" for regex within the job/tasks in MAS/ADM.  One of the suggestions that were made that might work...instead of using the job to push the configuration task, batch your baseline commands in a batch file and let the config job call/apply that by running:   batch -filename "/var/<folder>/baseappfw_conf.bat"  (this command runs from the cli context.)  

You can even use the config job to scp the file from a source location and then execute it. (You should be able run scp from cli context or from shell; but cli would be easiest.)


This may help you get around the issue; then you just have to keep your baseline appfw source file up to date..

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