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Upgrade VPXs through NetScaler MAS

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15 hours ago, Carl Behrent said:

Thanks Carl..Just to confirm one thing..do i need to upload the Build image on each instances..or just on the NMAS.

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On 6/5/2019 at 3:57 AM, Carl Behrent said:

Yip as Jenny mentioned and Step 7 in the process:


" 7. On the Upgrade tab, from the Software Image drop-down menu, select either Local (your local machine) or Appliance (the build file must be present on Citrix ADM). "

Perform a pre-validation check on the instances that are being upgraded. The pre-validation check consists of the following checks:

Check for any existing customizations on NetScaler instances and delete the customizations. You can reapply all the customizations after the upgrade process is completed.


""Now during the pre validation i got the error as attached And it says that User customisation found in nsconfig/rc.netscaler.


Please help me with the process to delete the customizations and reapply after the upgarde..

NMAS user customization.PNG

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