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Bug in classic authentication policies on NetScaler NS13.0: Build 36.27.nc

Mark Brilman

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On 6/4/2019 at 8:21 AM, Mihai Cziraki1709160741 said:

I think classic policies have been depricated in ver 12 and removed starting with 13.




Too bad the nspepi tool is bugged in most builds. The output config of a full config conversion is the same as the original config. This makes it near impossible to do a conversion of current configuration. Also since you cannot run classic and advanced policies at the same time on bound session policies for instance, you need to perform the conversion manually in the ns.conf file, reboot and pray you haven't made any errors - (ie. it requires a large service window).


All in all, the lack of a decent transition process away from classic policies is impressively bad on Citrix behalf.

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