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Application Prelaunch not working

Christopher Yue



XA 7.18

Publishiing Server 2016 Desktops + Applications

Delivery Grouo has been configured for Applilcation Prelauch and Lingering


Can some advise if I have got the prequisites correct?


WIndows Laptop Endpoint

Windows 10

WSA 1904

Published Apps are set to be Favourites

SSON not enabled but EnablePreLaunch is set to True in the registry under HLKM\Software\WOW6432Node\Citrix\Dazzle



At what point is PreLaunch support to work? Once the users login the WSA as I am not seeing this, unless there is a slight delay period?



Once the application has been opened once, application lingering is working OK though.


Not sure what is actually missing unless SSON is set first?


The only thing I do not like about the above is it seems you need to do a complete reinstall to set the flag/option rather than later.




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Enable Pass through authentication would avoid this delay.


Prelaunch will work as long as the end user locks their machine/session, but if the end user logs off from Citrix Receiver, the session is ended and prelaunch no longer applies.



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