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Copy Config file to running config

sai meduri

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I have a file in my local machine, that has a ns command in it.

let's say,

Filename - netscal.conf 

content (command) - "ns feature LB"


Now, I have successfully done scp the file into NetScaler, also I can see the file  that I have copied from local machine, when i go to shell.

SCP Command: scp  netscal.conf  nsroot@X.X.X.X:/nsconfig


Is there a way now I can copy the config file which is in NetScaler to running config and save the config ? so feature will be enabled.




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On 5/31/2019 at 4:01 PM, sai meduri said:

@Carl Stalhood


I see there is limitation with "batch" command using NITRO API, is there a way to execute this process using NITRO API ?


I wanted to do it via API and I couldn't find any command in documentation that could do the operation same as "batch" does.

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