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Question about combining LTSR and CR components

Derek Benak


I am using 7.15 LTSR for CVAD and Provisioning Services. At Synergy I learned about a feature in Provisioning Services that might fix an issue I am having with Office 365 activation.


Can I move to CR for Provisioning services without affecting LTSR for CVAD? Will I still get support for CVAD if I upgrade Provisioning Services or will I be requested to upgrade CVAD if I have a problem?


Thanks in advance,


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In our current environment we have PVS and DDCs running 7.15.x (general infrastructure all on LTSR).

In order to get 365 working with files-on-demand with FSLogix, we needed Server 2019.

So now we have a PVS 1906 installation in parallel which is used to deploy the Windows 2019 servers, and the VDA on the 2019 servers is 1906 and 1909 (which is compatible with server 2019).

All works fine side-by-side, and this was the suggestion by Citrix.


The DDCs they talk to are still 7.15.3. Currently no plan to change this until the next LTSR.





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Thanks for the reply


I was more concerned about support for the software if all of my products were not using the same version classified as LTSR, but it turns out that each component has it's own track.


DDC + VDA is considered separate from Receiver/Workspace which is separate from PVS server + agent when it comes to determining LTSR compliance.


I have since upgraded PVS (sadly it didn't help)

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