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How to configure Workspace App to provide access to VDA resources Internally and externally on a single account

Christopher Yue


Workspace App and Beacons question.


XA 7.18 On premise with NS GW for ICA Proxy using Duo Mobile for MFA.


For the Workspace App, I have used Group Policy to add the On Premise URL of the Storefront Server which is https://Storefront.local.mycompany.com.


The URL for the NS GW is https://citrix.mycompany.com


Not sure why, but Workspace App users (1904) configured with the internal storefront entry are able to access the resource remotely from their laptops outside of the LAN.


I know the request is being serviced via the NS GW as the DUO Prompt appears on the handset for secondary authentication.


Is this something to do with my beacon settings as I don't know why it is actually working?


Tried to add both the NS and SF entries originally but as the base URL is the same, only the SF one was stored.


Any advice would be helpful

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