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Unable to delete disk versions

Mike Athalone


We are facing an issue where recently we are unable to delete version of our vDisks. We have about 10 different vdisk. We usually allow four versions before we merge to disk. We recently upgraded to 7.15.4 While it may have existed prior, I recognize now that the delete is unavailable on all disk versions. Via powershell I was looking at the flags and it appears that "deletewhenfree" could be related as all are set to False. (And it appears the documentation alludes to a correlation.)  But this appears to be a readonly flag and on another vdisk where delete is available "deletewhenfree" is set to false there also. 


I have reviewed the previous threads where delete is unavailable. It does not appear that I have machines connected to older versions. 


So my question is twofold.

  1. Is there a method of re-enabling the delete functionality without direct edit to the database. 
  2. What is the true purpose of "deletewhenfree" and what function modifies it?


My environment:

- Windows 2008R2

- XenApp, PVS 7.15CU4




Thanks in advance



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