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I'm using SSL offloading but it doesn't seem to be working right, connection actively refused error

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I have an ASP.NET application, example.acme.com ( that is running within IIS on a Windows Server. The site is bound to HTTP (80) and I am doing SSL offloading on my Citrix ADC. I can browse to the site via browser just fine but when I try to connect a thick client to example.acme.com, I get this error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it I'm not sure the thick client is trying to connect over 80 when I have everything configured to go over 443 on the load balancer level. Any thoughts?

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If the client can't be changed to make an HTTPS request, then you might need to use an SSL redirect option such as enabling the HTTP:80 to HTTPS redirect on the existing SSL vserver (under Basic settings on the GUI or via CLI:

set lb vserver -redirectFromPort <port> -httpsRedirectUrl <URL>

This method doesn't require a separate vserver on HTTP:80 but is handled by the SSL:443 vserver itself.  Be sure the -httpsredirecturl doesn't contain a path or trailing "/" to preserve any path/query elements of the original request.


Or you can have a separate HTTP vserver to redirect to SSL using a the protection method Redirect URL or a responder policy.



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