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Single static IP for multiple VMs in Citrix Hypervisor

Thomas Arrellano


Disclaimer: I am a newbie at using Citrix Hypervisor and overall to the virtualization/networking world


I have a dedicated server which I installed Citrix Hypervisor on. I want to have multiple VMs that can access external network but I have only 1 static IP that's in use by host server. I only need access to external network from within VMs, I don't need them to be accessed from outside. How can I achieve this?

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Since you just have 1 static ip address you need to overload it by leveraging NAT. I wouldn't modify 

XenServer itself, I would probably try installing a firewall VM and have it do the NAT for you. You

could also possibly leverage a private internal XenServer network. On the XenServer host you 

could also enable NAT and forwarding with IP tables. I would surf Google and see if I could locate

a good example of someone setting up XenServer in that fashion. I have not myself.





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Any means to get DHCP or are you only given one and only one IP address to work with? If that's the case, NATing would indeed work and we use it ourselves for internal VMs looking to connect outward; not sure about the other way around, but that may not be a concern to you.



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VMs only need internet access, don't need to be accessed from outside in any way. I think I've found a document that solves the issue I am facing: http://metacores.com/xenserver-single-ip-howto.pdf , but the issue I am having is that I only have single NIC on my server. I am a newbie in networking so I am not sure how to modify this solution to work with only 1 NIC and if that's even possible. Could you help me out with it?

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We have internal 10.X addresses for each VM and all the NAT works i done on the router side, based on pointing VM to a gateway. Try it with the one address. Our network operations group does all this, so it's a black box to me -- I just use a gateway to ensure traffic routed such that the machine gets NATed.

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