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7.15 LSSR CU1 - UPM not pulling profile randomly - User will log off and then back on then sometimes it works

John Anderson1709152090


We have an issue where recently users are logging on and their UPM profile is not being copied to the xenapp server.  So they are missing icons and tools for their jobs.  If they log off and back on, sometimes it works.


Wondering where i should start troubleshooting?  We have had UPM for years and this is the first time that I can recall having issues.


We are using Policies on DDC for UPM and NOT GPO.

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- The best way to start would be to track what recent changes were made!
- Did to move to 7.15CU1 recently or any other Citrix / file server / Network related upgrades?
- When issue happens and user see's desktop with missing icons check what event is logged under Windows logs --> Applications.
- There should ideally be a event with Source as Profile Management which should tell you want went wrong while loading the profile (would give a lead to start things with)



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