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upgrade sdx and vpx to 12.1 51.19

Moussa ML

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Please I'm looking to upgrade my instances SDX and VPX from 11.1 57.11 to 12.1 51.19, there are a path to follow for this upgrade or directly I can do this upgrade from from 11.1 57.11 to 12.1 51.19?


Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

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Check the release notes to confirm; but there shouldn't be any issues.  But 12.1 does make some changes to cipher suites in use and a naming convention change, which is noted on the downloads page.  Otherwise, there don't seem to be an interim update requirement.  

Know the procedure to follow and backup all essential vpx/sdx configs first.

If you have HA pairs straddled across SDX appliances, you may want to move all your primary vpx's to one sdx appliance and work on the sdx host not hosting any active members first.


I would suggest you run a vpx upgrade test first, to find if there are any issues going from 11.1 to 12.1 first on the vpx's before you proceed.

Then the basic procedure is upgrade the SDX2 (reboot), then move the VPX to alternate appliance and then update SDX1.  Then you can then proceed to tackle the vpx's upgrades  individually by ha pairs or rollback the sdx update if you find an issue.  Just understand your dependencies and recovery plan if needed.


References for you:


https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hardware-platforms/sdx/supported-versions.html - confirm version/hardware compatibility


Feel free to wait and see if anyone else posts a version specific consideration.


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