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Automatic Reconnection at Logon or Refresh Not Working

Joshua Olson

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My organization has a need to enable automatic reconnect on logon for certain published applications where roaming was previously disabled. The previous administrators who created the original provisioned image and set up the XenApp farm are no longer available to question as to how exactly this was disabled in the first place.


Our current setup is StoreFront 3.12 pointing to a XenApp 6.5 farm. I have gotten the sessions to reconnect at application launch, but am unable to get them to reconnect at logon/refresh. I have the Auto Client Reconnect policy in place and have verified the registry keys are being set correctly on the XenApp hosts I have published the application to for testing. I have these test hosts also placed in an OU that has no additional Computer policies being applied.


We have stood up two clean test work stations in the same OU and installed the receiver. I have tested with the WSCReconnectMode set to both 3 and 8 without any luck. As mentioned earlier, sessions will successfully reconnect at application launch, but not at logon/refresh. I am unsure of where else to check.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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The WorkSpaceControl and AutoReconnectAtLogon are enabled on the StoreFront. The WSCReconnectMode and WSCReconnectModeUser are now set to 11 in order to make sure the test catches.


The Set-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule command appears to only exist for Citrix DCs in 7, we are connecting to a 6.5 Farm.

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Stupid question but if I run Get-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule I only get results from XenDesktop not XenApp which is what we primarily use.  I'm trying to see what "SessionReconnection" is set to in our case.  I'm having an issue where i have AutoReconnect enabled in Storefront but it's not reconnecting a disconnected session unless I click on an icon.

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