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users getting disconnected (and possibly citrix cloud is not load balancing (only using one cloud connector though two are configured)


Cloud Connector not properly load balancing and users getting disconnected.


We have a new environment setup using Citrix Enterprise Cloud.  We have two zones configured (US and Europe).  The users are experiencing a complete loss of connectivity multiple times during the day. 

Environment has a VLAN for the VDAs and a VLAN for AD and the Citrix Cloud Connectors (x2) in the US and the same configuration in Europe.  We are using VDA version 1903.  Clients are running Citrix Workspace for windows 1904.1.


The Citrix Desktop (workspace) says disconnected, reconnecting...5:00 down to zero.  It never reconnects automatically.  When this happens it happens for all users simultaneously in that zone.  During this time if a user tries launching their published desktop again, it works 100% of the time.  Screen looks like this: https://gyazo.com/b269d5ffb6b7a39ce40d03ca60609adc


When this occurs, event ID 1049 appears in the app log of the VDA server: "The session 'bee621c9-b557-42d5-8f23-6dd36f791009' was disconnected."

Along with event ID 1007 in the system log: "The Citrix ICA Transport Driver connection from has been closed."

Two minutes prior to this occurring event ID 1005 appears: "The Citrix ICA Transport Driver connection from has been suspended."

After the event I see event ID 1004: "The Citrix ICA Transport Driver has received a connect request from"


Health checks on the connectors work 99% of the time, but I have a feeling that if I ran it when event ID 1005 occurred it would fail.  (I did catch it failing (from the CCC) one time, I rechecked health and it worked)).

Of note: I only ever see one of my cloud connectors when event ID 1005 (TDICA) is logged.  I also see an IP logged one time that doesn't even belong to my environment:  (what the heck is that?)


I've tried restarting my cloud boxes, changing timeout policies, nothing has worked.  Ideas are greatly appreciated.



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I had a similar issue, we would see the disconnected notices at complete random, but was only one user at a time.  For us the issue ended up being a display policy mismatch regarding display modes.  The cloud policies don't seem to apply to the client and servers the same way. If you have any weird policies regarding anything graphic or protocol related you might try disabling those and see if it helps.  Additionally; I spent a good amount of time thinking it was a server error because of how users were affected but it ended up being more visible on each client. You might check your client receiver logs and see if the errors are more informative. 

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