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Black Wallpaper on citrix

Martino Fasan



i've got a problem,

i've changed the users' wallpaper using an existing policy (GPO) and now the wallpaper is not charging in the citrix session, in many cases is showing a black wallpaper

and in others is showing the old one (that i've removed from the server)

if i remove the jpg file from the server in the path of the user, after a gpupdate o a new login, it reappear




someone can help me?




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Are you observing this issue on what OS platform? If it is Win7, please install available Microsoft hotfix.



Have you check updated Policy applied to session? If not, please check and confirm whether updated policy applied to session using gpresult /r.


Please refer below article on how to change Windows Desktop Wallpaper Using Group Policy for more information.



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Hi Ganeshr,  thanks for your answer.


i'm having this problem in different kind of pc, almost all got win10 installed.

The AD policy is working good, in the others pc of the company (that works out of citrix) is working.

the problem is on citrix (i think a provisioning server issue?)


this is the gpresult screen in a citrix session

it shows as is applying the policy correctly but the wallpaper is showing up all black





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