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"Desired State Configuration "- for experienced Citrix Experts



If I have 1 DDC that I configured with one machinecatalog, delegated admins and citrix policies
I want call this DDC BaseDDC. I baseline setup/ configuration to set up all the DDC:s in my enviroment.

This "Desired Configuration" is going to act as a template for creating other DDC:s.
Let´s call it DesireState configuration.


I know there is a real Desired State Configuration topic that push and pull configurations:



Now my question and I want to delimit the issue to Desktop Delivery controllers right now

(I want to to the same for all citrix components like StoreFront, Director, PVS and if it possible - Netscaler):

How can I use this BaseDDC to create more DDC:s?
Is it possible to copy some config file and edit or can work with snapshot called DesiredState snapshot and
work from there and how do I solve the SQL Database with mirroring?

OR must I go hrough the big journey with Desired State Configuration that is described in that blog above.


I dont expect an complete answer, I know it´s a big question.

a) I really appreciate all answers with links, blogs and so on so I can dig in to the issue

b) But I´m also glad to receive tips on where I can dig deeper into the topic Desired State

Configuration for Citrix and if there are any powershell configuration resources out there for Citrix components.

Hope someone is kind to guide me further.







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Complete question - If ther are any Citrix resources when it comes to DesiredStateConfiguration with powershell
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