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Hosting configuration lost with vcenter



Hello everybody,


I have a Prod site on 7.15 LTSR CU3, connected to a Vcenter 6.7 u1. I use MCS template.


I can not update catalogs because Studio don't see vms template from the vcenter. The window to select master stay white. Furthermore, in hosting if i try to edit storage , all vmfs are marked unavailable and i can remove them. Impossible to add new connection, because studio can not expand vsphere clusters.


On my TEST site, in CU4 and the same vcenter, i have not issue.


And if i try to configure a new connection on other vcenter, no problem.


HAve you any ideas ?



2019-05-29 09_24_51-hosting_storage.png

2019-05-29 09_29_07-catalog_update.png

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All persmission are good !  We have no issue on Test Site with the same Vcenter and the same user account. So the issue is not here.


A difference between PROD and TST site is the CU version : CU4 on TST site et CU3 on PROD.


It's the only change on xdhyp:\connections it's the parameter "Revision"

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Hi everybody,


Issue solved ! i updated to CU4 the PROD site and now all is good. Studio can expand the Vcenter without problem and i can update MCS template. 


So there is a major difference between CU3 and CU4 with a VMware infrastructure 6.7u1, but i don't know why ... maybe someone knows ?



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