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Two Factor Authentication with User Certificate

Uwe Meyer

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I would like to set up with the Netscaler 12.1 51.19nc a Two Factor Authentication  with LDAP and user certificates.

 have already done the configuration in the Netscaler. How do I create user certificates?


As a CA, I have taken our CA from the AD.

How can I issue valid certificates for users in the Windows CA?


Many thanks for your help.



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thanks for that. But i have already configured the Netscaler.

The Question is how to create a Client (User) Certifiacte if i use the Windows CA. The Root Certificate from our Windows CA i have already bound to the vserver.

Which template i must use for that?


I don't will create the certificates on the Netscaler.





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Hi Uwe,


I think you want to create a Certtemplate on your CA for your Users, so if a AD User logs on a PC / Notebook in your AD, the CA is automatically issuing a Cert for this User. So this can be used for your certauth on your ADC.


Do the following Steps on your CA:


- Create a new Template or Duplicate

- Change and set the following Options step by step



Choose your Validity











Click Safe / OK


Go back to the Certification Authority MMC, Certificate Templates -> New -> Certificate Template to Issue and Issue your new created Template.


Log Off / Log On to your PC and check in MMC, User Certificates, Own Certificates that the CA issued a Usercert to your AD Username, Including your UPN in the SAN Names.


On your ADC, check that your LDAP Authpolicy is set to accept UPN als Logon Attribute, but sending the sAMAccountName to your backend for SSO to StoreFront / Other Webapps. See https://msandbu.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/using-netscaler-with-upn-and-storefront/


Hope this helps

Best Regards





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