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Setting up VPX for MFA

Abdel Am

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First of all, let me start by saying that I am not very familiar with Citrix Netscaller (VPX). I am trying to test MFA with an internal website accessed externally through VPX. I have the MFA setup and works fine with VPN and Cisco ASA, so I know that part is setup correctly. I can access the site fine through VPX when doing windows authentication on the IIS server, but having some difficulties configuring VPX with MFA. I am using a test domain and it s not registered with public IP. Can someone shed some  light on how to accomplish this.

Like I mentioned, my goal is to test MFA with VPX and simple internal website.




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which MFA Solution do you use? Easiest way to configure NetScaler for MFA is to use RADIUS.


On your NetScaler, go to the authentication policies -> Actions -> Radius and configure your MFA Server (you have to create a SharedSecret on your MFA Server for the NetScaler NSIP)


Check that your NetScaler NSIP (if you are load balancing MFA Servers, than SNIP is also needed) can reach your MFA Server via RADIUS.


Edit your NetScaler Gateway and bind your LDAP als Primary and RADIUS as Secondary Factor.


Best Regards


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