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DNS Resolution Issues

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I'm seeing strange name resolution issues when trying to use FQDNs to identify resources. 

Desired outcome is DNS resolution from servers on the other side of a firewall with the source of the DNS queries as the SNIP.

2 servers created 

DNS specific monitor created and applied to a DNS lb service group. Bind the 2 servers and the group is green. Bind a net profile that sets the source as the SNIP. DNS monitor is working as expected.

Create LBVS with type DNS and bind the DNS lb service group. Effective state is up.

Create name server with the type of DNS Virtual Server and select the LBVS. Effective state is up.

When I run tcpdump, I see the traffic for the monitor with the source of the SNIP and the expected reply.


At this point, I create additional servers using FQDN as opposed to IP address. If I try to ping any of these hosts, the name resolves as expected. 

PING server.domain.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=127 time=0.309 ms


But when these servers are bound to lb service groups, they don't resolve. Any monitor that I apply will say "Domain name not resolved" When I bind the server, I see a DNS query in tcpdump for the server name and the correct response comes back. But for some reason, the ADC doesn't use it and I get the error.

x.x.x.6.3249 > y.y.y..3053: 32160+ A? server.domain.com. (44)
y.y.y.30.53 > x.x.x.6.3249: 32160* 1/0/0 A (60)


I would expect the above steps to work and properly resolve names of servers.


However, when I define the ntp servers by name, they resolve as expected.


Is there something that I'm missing with resolution?


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