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Need help adding a secondary URL

Vincent Sprague


I have a functional XenApp 7.12 Citrix site utilizing a single Netscaler Gateway instance with a single Storefront server. The client wants to have a second URL in order to access the existing site. So for example, the existing site would be citrix.DomainA.com and the second URL would be citrix.DomainB.com.


What is the best way to go about satisfying their request?


I figured we would need to add a second Netscaler Gateway for the new URL and then add the second Gateway into the existing storefront server. Is that accurate or am I going about this the wrong way?

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Ok, then maybe I have a issue with the Netscaler instance. I already added the second Netscaler Gateway into Storefront and I can login to the new URL but  it kicks me to a "Citrix Receiver" login page. If I attempt to login a second time it just says my session has expired.


When you say only one gateway is the default, is that why the primary Gateway says Yes under "Used by Stores" and my secondary gateway says No?

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