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Restrict desktop launch for a security group to a specific VDA - somewhat similar to tags

Ashish Rana


Scenario is for published desktop and not for published apps

I would like to restrict desktop access for a security group (SG1) to a specific VDA (VDI5) in a delivery group which has got 8 VDIs(VDI1~VDI8).


Complete description- 

I have got around 50 users who have got desktop assigned from a delivery group - out of 50 users there are around 6 users who are high on resources and i want to restrict their desktop session to a specific VDA all the time. 

I have added all 6 users to a security group called SG1 and I want to restrict their session to VDI5

Currently in delivery group - I have got 8 VDIs


I thought of creating a new delivery group but its not feasible - since users who are part of security group SG1 are getting two destkops in that scenario. 

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I think I am able to achieve the objective in a slight different way - 

1) Created new delivery group and restrict access to security group SG1 (has around 6 users added to SG) - and assigned VDI5 to newly created delivery group

2) restricted access for 6 users added to SG1 from old delivery group via powershell -

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name "Name_AG" -ExcludedUserFilterEnabled $false

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name "Name_Direct" -ExcludedUserFilterEnabled $false


Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name "Manul_Direct" -AddExcludedUsers domain\user1,domain\user2,.....etc

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name "Manul_AG" -AddExcludedUsers domain\user1,domain\user2,....etc



users from security group SG1 will always see desktop published from VDI5


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