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Move XA 7.15 VDAs between Delivery Groups/Machine Catalogs

Imran Syed1709152750




Our customer has a new deployment of XA 7.15 (VDAs are streamed via PVS) and they have a specific business requirement.


Move machines between delivery groups. I understand that to achieve this we need to remove machines from the 1st delivery group/Machine Catalog and add the machines to the 2nd delivery group/Machine Catalog.


My questions are....


1. Risks associated with the above approach such as potential Site DB corruption issues?

2. Is this approach a "Citrix Supported/Recommended" Approach?


Any assistance would be highly appreciated.






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its fine to do things that way, you can also leverage things like tags, app groups, zones etc which can really help you in having a less manual way of achieving your goals above


But simply put, there is no harm in moving servers around delivery groups, you will just get bored of doing it pretty quickly :)

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Thanks James for your response.


The requirement is the customer to have 2 delivery groups. Delivery Group#1 (with XA Servers and users connecting to it) and the Delivery Group#2 which doesn't have any XA Servers or users). And as part of the application upgrade strategy, a few servers would be moved to Delivery Group#2 along with a subset of users redirected to it.


During the XA 7.15 workshops, the Citrix consultant mentioned that moving XA servers between delivery groups isn't recommended and hence wanted to clarify if there are any technical risks to this approach.

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