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LB VIP not reachable on NS HA with Multiple IPS and NICS.

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Hi all,


My first time setting up NS HA with Multiple IPS and NICS in Azure.


I provisioned a Netscaler HA in Azure with multiple IPs and Nics using the Citrix template.  Each NIC's are on different subnets as per template. Citrix Infra on different subnet. 

Nic#1 is mgmt

Nic#2 is Data (i assume traffic to Citrix Subnets)

Nic#3 will be used for HA.


So I configured Storefront LB and assigned the LB an IP from citrix subnet. The LB VIP show online (no monitors) but I'm not able to reach the SF LB from devices on Citrix subnets. I even tried to assign and IP from same subnet as NIC#2 (data), and the issue is the same.


Also when I bind the storefront monitors, service show down state for 443


  I guess I'm missing some routing or something needs to opened on Azure Network security group? Any help would be great.


Attached are some screenshots of the configuration. 



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