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Netscaler LDAP SSO with multiple Cookies to one Domain

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Hi @all


Ihave a question to the sso feature of the Netscaler.


We have multiple VServers where authentication is set to an existing Netscaler Gateway Vserver. The Gateway authenticates over LDAP.


Now we start to deploy on Portal WebSite also with authentication over the Netscaler Gateway VServer. In the Website we got Links to the other vservers with authentication to the same gateway vserver. In this Environment SSO through all Vservers works fine. 

And now the Problem:

Our Customers starts with the Portal site an gos to another vserver over the provided Link. Now he wants to logout only to the Portal website and keep the other site still authenticated. Is there a way to set multiple cookies for every vserver, so our cutomers can logout to the vservers without destroying the complete sso session? actually if we logout the portal website, we delete the Cookie and this kills al other tabs with other vserver sites.


Thanks for you tips

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