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Create of remote desktop

Kenny Asencios


Hello community,


I would like to know if it is possible to set an IP address to a remote desktop application.
Currently the remote desktop is published, but in each session the user has to type the IP of the computer he wants to enter. In this case I would like to avoid that step.


Thanks for help.



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I'm assuming one of two scenarios.  You have a group of users who launch the RDS application and typically connect to one of a small number of servers.  Create and publish the 'Saved' RDP file for those specific devices.  


The second scenario is where you might publish  Remote Desktop so that users can remotely connect to their PC in the office.  I use a script that when RDS is launched, passes the %UserName% variable to a .vbs that reaches out to AD, we look at the Computers "managedby' properties and when we find a %UserName% match, populate the MRU list for MSTSC.  This gives the user a list of his 'ManagedBy' desktops, the user can select whichever he wants to connect to (Usually only one in the list).  We delete the MRU list and launch MSTSC connecting to the selected device.

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