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Server VDAs registering with the wrong NIC and IP

Jason Fortun


Xd 7.6, server 2012


I have a long-running environment in which we are starting to see this problem.  Our servers are set up with 2 NICs, one for production and one for backup.  Recently there was a broad DNS change in which a script updated the DNS servers used by all NICs on the servers, setting DNS servers (and checking the register this NIC with DNS option). Prior to this change, the Backup NIC was configured with no DNS servers.  Now, we have servers registering with Citrix under the Backup NIC.  Even after removing the DNS settings in the Backup NIC some servers are registering with the wrong NIC (and ip).  Restarting the Citrix Desktop Service changes the registration back to the proper NIC/IP, but a day later and the VDA once again has the wrong IP registered in Citrix.  I've removed the DNS settings from the Backup NIC as well as made sure the binding order put the production NIC as number one.


Does anyone have any idea how I can prevent this from happening and permanently fix the issue? 

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Sounds like what you've done should resolve the problem:

You removed the records for the Backup NIC in DNS and those changes have cascade throughout DNS? 

You've removed the DNS addresses from the NIC on all servers and deselected Register this NIC in DNS?

You've done an IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS on each server?

You've verified those settings for each server that has re-registered?  Verify the value of DisableDynamicUpdate for that NIC.

Could DNS propagation be causing the records to be reapplied in DNS?

Are the DHCP Client Service and DHCP Server SERVICES disabled (I'm assuming these are STATIC addresses).  DHCP addresses will AutoRegister.

DNS Aging/Scavenging may resolve the issue.

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