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Is there a way to re-organize responder priorities to decending order

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How do I reset all existing priorities to descending order. For example, currently I have around thousands of responder priorities for a Content Switching Virtual Server. I want to add new responder priority and push all the existing priority to the back start from 5000, so that the new priority can start at 1. Couldn't find any discussion or solution online. Will appreciate for the answer and reply

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You'd probably have to export the NetScaler config and extract the CLI commands that bind the CS policies to the CS vServer. Put two copies of the bind commands in a Notepad. For the first copy, change all of the commands to unbind (you might have to experiment to get the correct syntax). For the second copy, change the priority for each of the bind commands. Then SSH to your ADC and run both sets of commands. A brief outage will occur.

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Carls is right, though I'd use an excel spreadsheet to re-order the policies and parse the new priority value you need back into the command list. 

Also, if you just bind the same policy to the same bindpoint with a new priority, you do not need to unbind it first (though it might be safer for such a large number of changes).  


IF you just need to add space at the front of your list but you are preserving your policy order, you might be able to use the "regenerate priority"  option in the policy list window which will add a space of ten and renumber your policies for you in the current order.  (For safety, backup config first just in case something goes wrong with such a large change.)

Or if you just want to move them all plus 5000, then export to spreadsheet, creative use of splitting command across spreadsheet fields would allow you to incr priority by a fixed interval.


But to reverse the order, you will have to export, parse new commands, then bind with new priority.  Be sure to save config first and have a recovery plan if it has a problem. 

And I'm sure some apps require that many responder policies, I would check that there isn't a way to simplify or reduce responder policies or move them the lb tier or policy labels to perform per app instead of at the cs vserver (if applicable).  (But sometimes, it can't be simplified.)

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