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Android WebView generates net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on first access only

Bill Blume


A customer has wrapped our android app using Citrix MDX Toolkit and is encountering an odd problem.


The first time they open any screen in our app that contains a WebView and which accesses one of their internal sites, they get a net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error.  If they close the screen and then go back to it, it then loads fine.  Also, all other WebView screens accessing internal sites load fine after this initial visit.  WebView screens that access external sites never have any problems.

We have never had problems with these screens for customers that don't wrap our app.


Note that the same customer has had problems with the error reported by:




To work around this other issue, they had to downgrade Chrome from version 74 to 73.  However, this downgrade does not fix our issue.  They also claim that this issue has been occurring for about a year.


Our app is a pure-java Android app:


minSdkVersion: 21 (Android OS 5)

targetSdkVersion: 26 (Android OS 8)

MDX Toolkit: 19.3.5-9

Citrix Secure Hub Version:


We are able to reproduce it on a Lenovo TB-8504F tablet running OS 7.1.1.  The customer claims that this occurs on other devices as well.  For example, they claim that this also fails on a Samsung SM-G955U running OS 9.


Note that we tried updating our SDKs and build target, to no avail.  The bug was also reproducible for this older version:


minSdkVersion: 21 (Android OS 5)

targetSdkVersion: 25 (Android OS 7.1)

MDX Toolkit: 18.12.0-24

We do not see anything suspicious in the logs.  The only difference we see between the failing case and the successful case is that the successful case has entries from modules named MDX-MITM-* but the failing case does not.  For example, here are the first four entries we see in the successful case:

MDX-MITM-TcpDetector  INFO  appDetectTcp allowed:0
MDX-MITM-AllowedApp   INFO  allowed App uid 10287
MDX-MITM-TcpDetector  INFO  appDetectTcp allowed:1
MDX-MITM-AppDetector  INFO  AppDetector process allowed:true

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