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PVS Vdisk corruption - MS Security roll up

Prakash V


Hello Friends, 


We are facing a strange issue every month on the random PVS Vdisks while deploying the MS monthly security patches to the Vdisk. All our servers are Windows 2008 R2 and PVS streaming servers are win 2012 ( PVS 7.15).  We use windows live update to install the roll up pack but frequently the security rollup pack fails due to component hive corruption or package registries missing, Some times some anonymous registry in the component hives are detected and we clean up with system file checker to go to previous version of vdisk and run the updates.  I wonder if the PVS Vdisk promoting or merging is corrupting the registry  . We have several standalone servers without PVS and we never face any problem with it.  MS claims that it is due to previous patches uninstalled or replaced by new patches leaves some registry settings or files. Any suggestions. 

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Thank you very much Sir.   I am very glad to see a response from a Citrix guru extremely famous person in the citrix world.   We will try this settings and share the results. I searched a lot to understand the internal of the cached secrets settings but all it say is it will clean up the cached admin credentials. Would you please help me to understand the internals of this settings related to Image corruption.

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