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Port to URL mapping on Netscaler

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I have completed the initial setup for load balancing for an application URL abc.net .


now i want to set up below URL path for diffrent ports.


Ports setup in LB
1. 8093
2. 8094
3. 8096

to call below urls:-
1. http://abc.net:8093/task-submission
2. http://abc.net:8094/raw-sec
3. http://abc.net:8096/data-feed


Please suggest steps to follow on Netscaler to configure the same.

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Your scenario is a little vague. Do you want to received traffic on port 80 and then based on path (task-submission/raw-sec/data-feed) you want to redirect to appropriate port?

Or do you want to receive traffic on these ports and insert a new element in the path? (I'm reading your post this way, but would like to make sure.)

When you insert the port, do you want users to see the change and make a new request to the port specified; or change the port server side where the user still comes in port 80 and you change the port on the back end.


Usually a responder policy will do this, if you want to redirect users to a new location. Users will "see" the new path and make the new connection.

If you want the requested URL to change server side without the user seeing it then you are using rewrite or url transform.


However, depending on whether users connect to the target ports client side or the change is only made server side, would determine how the load balancing (or even content switching) is set up.  Clarify some details and we can give you a more specific answer.



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