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Importing in 7.2 from 7.6 fails

David Koski


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If it fails it's mostly going to be because of XenTools -- I agree. The compression algorithm should be the same on both XS versions, so that's unlikely to be an issue.

Are you sure you have enough space on the target host? Also, it may depend on the exact OS version of the VM as newer versions of XS support newer versions typically of various VM OS releases and it's possible that particular version might not have been supported under XS 7.2.



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You shouldn't import a VM from a newer XS to an older one.


However, it's doable if you badly need it. 2 options:


* use a Xen Orchestra feature called "Continuous Replication" and target your storage on the older host. You'll be able to boot the replicated VM on destination

* edit the XVA file manually: it's more complicated (you'll need to modify a big XML file inside it and recreate the XVA file then) but it works.

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Here is the list directly, you'll lose:

  • Dynamic Memory Control
  • Xen Storage Motion (even if a VM is halted…)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Role Based Access Control
  • High Availability
  • GPU Pass-Through
  • Site Recovery Manager (Disaster Recovery)
  • XenCenter Rolling Pool Upgrade Wizard
  • Maximum Pool Size Restricted To 3 Hosts (existing larger pools will continue to work, but no new host joins will be permitted)


If you are NOT using NVidia vGPU in your infrastructure, you might consider trying XCP-ng, which is a free/Open Source fork of XenServer/Citrix hypervisor and 100% compatible (except the NVidia GPU part).


No feature restriction whatsoever.

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I have read that XenServer upgrade from 7.2 to 7.6 is not supported but I tested a fresh install of XenServer 7.2 and upgraded it to XCP-ng 7.6 with success.  It had one Linux and one Windows Server 2012 R2 VM.  Any idea what kind of problems one might encounter or what limitations one could encounter?




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Actually, the original question is about importing, not upgrading.


I read where Citrix XenServer upgrades from 7.2 to 7.6 are not supported but I cannot find the document at this time.  Neither can I find where it is actually supported.  Upgrading to XCP-ng 7.6 is reportedly supported, however.




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