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Virtual Desktop MFA


Hi All,


I'm currently testing MFA with Virtual Desktop through Citrix Cloud and I have a question. 


Currently our MFA setup is set for Conditional Access using Trusted IP's.  When the user logs into a Virtual Desktop, hosted in Azure, web apps (Sharepoint and O365) ask for them to authenticate using MFA every time.  Ideally I would like anyone logging into a Virtual Desktop to come under Conditional Access and to not need to MFA again - I will then enable MFA for Workspace instead.  Has anyone come across this or found a way around this?



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On 24/05/2019 at 10:11 PM, James Kindon said:

do you mean that once you have launched the desktop itself, you are then being prompted for MFA when you hit services within the desktop?


Yes thats exactly it.  I think I have managed to fix this now.  Basically I've configured a conditional access policy within Azure AD only allowing Hybrid Azure AD devices access - which includes my Azure based Citrix servers.  If not, then go through MFA.  Then I've excluded all trusted ip's from the policy which allows onsite users to access without MFA.  Its still going through testing, but so far so good!

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